The experienced eye and skilled hand of a Master Violin Maker can be critically important in preserving the integrity and increasing the value of your stringed instrument. Horst's customers have benefited by affiliating with an "old world" trained professional whose dedication to instrument stewardship compelled him to seek out further skills. To enhance his Master's skills, Horst Kloss participated in intensive training at the Smithsonian Institute focusing on museum varnish restoration and conservation techniques for professionals.


His extensive and rigorous training allows Horst Kloss, himself, to make the adjustment or repair that specifically suits your playing conditions and objectives. The meticulous application of museum conservation standards ensures that only time-tested, internationally respected techniques are used to preserve valued instruments. Individually-tailored sound adjustments maximize the playing potential of each instrument. His in-depth knowledge allows Horst Kloss to truly know the unique personality and history of an instrument and its owner.

Bow Restoration, Repair and Rehair

Jon Vanderhorst a professional Bowmaker who started his career in 1977 under the tutelage of renown bow maker Arnold Bone, specializes in advanced repair techques allowing him to restore broken heads, pin cracks, tongue grafts as well as many other types of damange. The Kloss shop only uses hair that is natural, unbleached, elastic and has the right level of coarseness to allow players to produce fullest possible sound. Horst is able to properly determine the right amount of hair for your bow, and uses precision techniques to prevent crossovers that impacts the sound quality of your playing.

Appraisals and Certificates

An increasing number of customers are coming to Horst for instrument and bow appraisals. And well they should, for a detailed description and estimate of value is vital in establishing ownership in case of theft. Horst's carefully considered appraisals are critical in determining market value, ensuring owners a competitive price when selling and buyers a fair price for an accurately represented instrument. Mr. Kloss is happy to be able to provide his clients with the service of direct appraisal faxes to any insurance company so equipped.


Horst's hand-picked inventory of contemporary and antique instruments and bows has been selected to meet the requirements of professional musicians in solo, orchestral and chamber settings as well as those of amateur players. Quarter, half, and three-quarter sized instruments, bows and cases are available for the younger musician. Kloss Violins sells instruments and bows chosen consistently for high quality and solid resale value.


Effective teaching is about leadership and listening as well as recognizing how a student learns best and accommodating them. Combining leadership with an old world philosophy of discipline, knowledge and a love of the craft, Horst makes it easy to spend time in his classroom. He views this space as his students’ workshop: a place where everyone is expected to work together, help each other learn and build a unified team spirit. Here everyone is part of the same shop.